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What to Do in Morelia, Mexico

The capital city of Michoacan, Mexico welcomes its visitors with the magic and warmth that characterizes this place and its people. Its Historic Centre, declared a World Heritage Site in 1991, its typical gastronomy and its undeniably stunning architectural attractions make it one of Mexico’s most popular non beach destinations.

Morelia is connected to the rest of the states through a complete network of highways, airports and rail lines, so practically every single road leads to the Michoacan capital city. Plus, its weather is just ideal to visit it throughout the year: the average annual temperature of Morelia is 16°C and its climate is sub-humid temperate, with annual precipitations of 772.5 mm.

Every year, thousands of visitors arrive in Morelia to enjoy international events such as the Morelia Film Festival, the Morelia International Music Festival, the Morelia en Boca Festival and the Morelia International Guitar Festival, among many others.

Are you about to visit Morelia? Don’t miss the succulent gastronomy of Morelia, the one that combines the ancient purepecha cuisine with European elements. Visit one of the many traditional restaurants of the city to taste the Sopa Tarasca, the Corundas and the sweet Ates de Membrillo and Tejocote. Finish every delicious meal with a drink of Pulque or Mezcal.

Places to Visit in Morelia, Mexico

Historic Centre of Morelia.

Because its beauty and architectural value, the UNESCO named it a Heritage of Humanity Site in 1991. This area reunites over 200 historical buildings made of pink stone, including the Palacio Clavijero and the Conservatorio de las Rosas. It’s worth mentioning that the Historic Centre of Morelia is the only one in Mexico without a Zocalo (main square).

Morelia Cathedral.

Even when the cathedral is located in the Historic Centre, it deserves its own space. Made of pink stone, it has the seventh tallest towers in Mexico, reaching 66.8 meters height. Its scenic lighting is amazing as it was placed by the same company that worked with the Paris Eiffel Tower. The Morelia Cathedral is known as Mexico’s most beautiful cathedral.

Morelia’s Candy Market (Mercado de Dulces).

Morelia is famous for its candies and you can’t miss this colorful Mexican market where you’ll find all the typical candies, desserts and art crafts to give your visit some flavor and color. The Morelia’s Candy Market is located in the Historic Centre of Morelia and has approximately 150 spots.

Alfredo Zalce Museum of Contemporary Art.

Museums in Morelia are something worth watching and the Museum of Contemporary Art is no exception. It’s in the Cuauhtemoc Forrest and has 8 exhibition halls, 7 temporary and 1 permanent with pieces of Alfredo Zalce Torres.

Cuauhtemoc Forrest.

It’s among the most important green areas in Morelia, considered one of the main gatherings spaces for families and tourists. The Museum of Natural History and Museum of Contemporary Art are here.

Plaza Las Americas.

Now that you’re in Morelia, how about some shopping? Plaza Las Americas is known as the first fashion mall in Morelia, putting together international prestigious brands, fun and entertainment.